The links here invoke an audio file so that you can actually listen to the words and phrases being spoken by a Bengali.


shAgatom / Welcome



AmAr nAm .. [My name is]

kemon Achho? [How are you?]

bhAlo Achhi

dhonnobAd [Thank you]

AbAr dakhA habe [Will see you again]


nA [no]

ha(n) [yes]

Useful words and phrases

jAninA [Don’t know]

Ami bAnglA jAni nA [I don’t know Bengali]

Ami tomAke bhAlobAshi [I love you]

Aste [Slowly]

Aro [more]

bAs [Enough]

bhAlo [Good]

khArAp [Bad]

bandho [Close(d)]

dur [Far]

garom [Hot]

kAchhe [Near]

kholA [Open]

ki chAi? [What do (you) want?]

koeTA bAje? [What time is it?]

kato dAm [How much?]

notun [New]

eTa ki pAwA jAe? [Is this available?]

purono [Old]

shundor [Beautiful]

tArAtAri [Quickly]

ThAndA [Cold]


ack (one)

dui (two)

tin (three)

chAr (four)


pA(n)ch (five)


chhoy (six)

shAt (seven)

At (eight)

noy (nine)

dawsh (ten)