KhulnaKhulna with nearly 2 million people and one of the country’s industrial city stands on the Rupsa River.

It is a divisional headquarter in southwestern Bangladesh. An important river port and produce collection and trade center, it is connected by river steamer, road, and rail to the major cities of the southern Gangetic delta. Shipyards are located 3 miles (5 km) south, on the Kazibacha River.¬†Forest products from the Sundarbans supply Khulna’s industries, which include jute, oilseed, cotton-textile, paper, and board mills and match and newsprint factories.

Khulna is one of our four metropolitan cities and has a university, a Medical college, an engineering university (KUET), a Cantonment, a Naval Base (BNS Titumir) , the country’s only Telephone Cable and Newsprint industry. Bangladesh’s largest ship building industry is also there.


SylhetSylhet has a population of almost 0.7 million people and has one medical college, one University, and one cadet college. It is at present a divisional headquarter and the city of the Mausaleumm of Hazrat Shahajalal (Rahm) and the birth place of Bangobir General Mohammed Ataul Gani Osmani, the commander in chief of the Bangladesh Forces during our liberation war. It has an Army Cantonment, and the country’s 3rd largest airport.


Jessore has a population of nearly 0.6 million. It has an education Board, a cantonment with a full division, the Bangladesh Air Force Academy with 4th largest Airport in our country, some jute and textile industries and 8 Daily news papers in both Bangla and English. At present, there are 8 degree colleges in the city proper.


Comilla has almost 0.5 million people. It has a cantonment with full division, the Bangladesh Rural Academy, a Cadet college, a Medical college and a Education Board.


Bogra with nearly 0.5 million population and some pharmaceutical industries, textile, medical college and cantonment with a full division.


Rajshahi with nearly 0.4 million people and divisional headquarter, university, engineering university (RUET), medical college, education board, cadet college and a cantonment and an airport Although, there are so many educational institutions and government offices in Rajshahi, it’s population is still less than those of the above mentioned cities of Bangladesh. Rajshahi is called a student city. And it is one of our four metropolitan cities.


Barisal is a city with nearly 0.38 million people and a divisional headquarter, medical college, cadet college, some pharmaceutical industries, textile industries and the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority’s head office. Barisal is fast growing city of our country stands on the Kirtan Khola River.