Muktijudhhas - Freedom fightersLearn everything there is to know about the history of the Bangladesh’s independence from the brutal yoke of Pakistan after a nine month long Liberation War (Bengali: মুক্তিযুদ্ধ Muktijuddho).

  • Prelude to Independence – events leading to the Liberation War and independent Bangladesh. When the British left, the Indian sub-continent was partitioned into two nations – India and Pakistan. Bangladesh was then known as part Pakistan, separated from West Pakistan (now Pakistan) by 1100 miles of India and lot more in culture and lifestyles. Then East Pakistan was both politically and economically exploited by the ruling elite who came from Pakistan.
  • The Liberation War: Muktijuddho – The war for liberation the led to Bangladesh Independence. This was a revolutionary independence war in 1971 which established the republic of Bangladesh. The war pitted Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) and later helped by India against the West Pakistanis and lasted over a duration of nine months. It witnessed large-scale atrocities, the exodus of 10 million refugees and the displacement of 30 million people
  • Independence Postscripts – Events after the liberation.
  • Resources and Links – Additional information.