Arsenic MapArsenic Contamination

A devastating environmental disaster threatens the lives of millions of Bangladeshis (and people of West Bengal) as a result of aresnic contamination of the ground water. Tens of millions of persons in many districts are drinking ground water with arsenic concentrations far above acceptable levels. Thousands of people have already been diagnosed with poisoning symptoms, even though much of the at-risk population has not yet been assessed for arsenic-related health

The Arsenic Crisis Information Center is the online focal point and repository for this crisis. This is a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to know more about the crisis and wanting to help in alleviating teh situation.

National Parks and Sanctuaries

The information below has been drawn from the 1993 United Nations List of National Parks and Protected Areas of the WCMC Protected Areas Database. Only those sites meeting strict criteria are included, principally those meeting IUCN Management Category I-V and covering more than 1,000ha.

National Park

Name Category Location Size Year
Bhawal V 24 01’N/ 90 20’E 5,022 1982
Madhupur V 24 45’N/ 90 05’E 8,436 1982

Wildlife Sanctuary

Name Category Location Size Year
Chunati IV 21 40’N/ 92 07’E 7,764 1986
Pablakhali IV 23 08’N/ 92 16’E 42,087 1983
Rema-Kalenga IV 24 05’N/ 91 37’E 1,095 1981
Sundarbans East IV 21 53’N/ 89 47’E 5,439 1977
Sundarbans South IV 21 50’N/ 89 24’E 17,878 1977
Sundarbans West IV 21 44’N/ 89 15’E 9,069 1977

Endangered and Threatened Species

This information below is derived from the 1994 IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals and is maintained in the WCMC Species Database. The species listed are those considered to be globally threatened as of late 1993 according to the IUCN status categories.

Class Order Family Species


Ciconiiformes Ardeidae Ardea insignis E White-bellied Heron
Gruiformes Otididae Eupodotis indica E Lesser Florican
Mammalia Carnivora Felidae Panthera tigris E Tiger
Lagomorpha Leporidae Caprolagus hispidus E Hispid Hare
Primates Hylobatidae Hylobates hoolock E Hoolock Gibbon
Proboscidea Elephantidae Elephas maximus E Indian Elephant
Reptilia Crocodylia Gavialidae Gavialis gangeticus E Gharial
Testudines Cheloniidae Chelonia mydas E Green Turtle
Eretmochelys imbricata E Hawksbill Turtle
Lepidochelys olivacea E Olive Ridley
Emydidae Batagur baska E Batagur

UNESCO World Heritage List

  • 1985 Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat
  • 1985 Ruins of the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur

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