The official documentary historical records as presented by the Historian of the Department of State of major foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activities of the United States Government vividly capture the events as it unfolded before, during and after the Independence War.

The folowing two volumes from the arhives are of relevance to Bangladesh history,

Volume XI, Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, South Asia Crisis, 1971

  • This volume specifically covers in depth the period from March to December 1971.
  • This volume is available both as print and electronic format.

Volume E7: Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Documents on South Asia, 1969-1972

  • The volume provides full coverage of U.S. policy toward India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh for the period January 1969 to February 1971 and all of 1972.
  • The volume also contains documentation (telegrams, transcript of audio conversations etc) that supplements the volume XI. These documentations include the period covered by the Volume XI (March to December 1971)
  • This volume is available as electronic format only.