The High Court at Dhaka

The High Court at Dhaka

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh is the highest Judicial organ in the country and comprises the Appellate Division and the High Court Divi­sion. The Supreme Court consists of the Chief Justice and a number of other judges. The Chief Justice and the Judges appointed to the Appel­late Division sit only in that Division and other judges sit in the High Court Division.

The Chief Justice and other Judges are appointed by the President. A Judge holds office until he attains the age of sixty five years.

The Appellate Division hears and determines appeals from judgements, decrees, orders or sentences of the High Court Divi­sion.

The High Court Division has superintendence and control over all subordinate courts and functions as the Appellate Court.

Administrative tribunals exercise jurisdiction in respect of matters as specified in the constitution. There are currently two administrative tribunals.

At the district level, the district court is headed by the District and Sessions Judge who is assisted by Addi­tional District Judges, subordinate Judges, Assistant Judges and Magistrates.