The Official Seal of the Government of Bangladesh

The Official Seal of the Government of Bangladesh

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a unitary, independent and sovereign republic comprising three basic organs the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary. The President is the Head of State and is elected by the members of Parliament.

The President acts in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister and the supreme command of the Armed Forces rests with him.

The executive power of the Republic is exercised by or on the advice of the Prime Minister who commands the support of the majority members of Parliament and is appointed by the President. Other Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers are appointed by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister nominates the cabinet members from among Parliament members and one-tenths of the total members are from outside of the Parliament. The cabinet is collectively accountable to the Parliament. The Government is unitary in structure and parliamentary in form. A quick overview on the administration structure of Bangladesh is also available.

The roles of head of state and head of government are separated. In the Bangladesh parliamentary systems, the head of state (the President) is generally a ceremonial position.

Abdul Hamid - Bangladesh, President

President Abdul Hamid

Abdul Hamid is the 16th and current President of Bangladesh. Prior to this position, he served as the Speaker of the National Parliament from January 2009 to April 2013. He was the acting President after the death of Zillur Rahman in March 2013.Wikipedia

Born: January 1, 1944 (age 70), Mithamain Upazila, Bangladesh
Office: President of Bangladesh since 2013
Spouse: Rashida Hamid
Education: University of Dhaka
Presidential term: April 24, 2013 –
Party: Bangladesh Awami League

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina

Sheikh Hasina is the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh, in office since January 2009. She previously served as Prime Minister from 1996 to 2001, and she has led the Bangladesh Awami League since 1981. Wikipedia

Born: September 28, 1947 (age 67), Tungipara Upazila, Bangladesh
Spouse: M. A. Wazed Miah (m. 1967–2009)
Parents: Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Children: Sajeeb Wazed, Saima Wazed Hossain Putul
Siblings: Sheikh Kamal
Education: University of Dhaka, Eden Mohila College, Dhaka, Boston University

Political Leaders

Past and present leaders
A chronological list of Bangladesh’s presidents and prime-ministers.

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