Survival Bengali

So you are eager to learn Bangla (Bengali), eh? Maybe I can help here. If you do wish to learn even more about our language and our literature do visit the following pages:

Transliteration Schema

We have devised a transliteration schema which should help you in pronouncing Bangla (Bengali) words. Please refer to the schema whenever we show Bangla (Bengali) words using the Roman script.

Useful Words and Phrases

In order to give you a feel for the sounds of the Bangla (Bengali) language, I have set up a small collection of useful words and phrases. These words and phrases are illustrated by audio files which should help you in getting a feel for the sounds of the language.

A Brief Bangla (Bengali) Primer

The primer is still under construction. Currently, I have four lessons on line, but more and more will be added as time wends by.

Lesson 1 Basic Grammar
Lesson 2 Pronouns
Lesson 3 Sentence: Interrogation
Lesson 4 Sentence: Negation

Useful Links

Bengali Dictionaries