Vowel Sounds

Letter(s) Pronunciation
aw The o sound in god.
A The Aa sound in Aardvark.
e or ay The ay sound in bay.
i The i sound in miss.
I Long e (deep)
o The o sound in go.
u The u sound in put.
U or oo The oo sound in good.
a or ya The a sound in can.
oy The oy sound in coy.

Consonant Sounds

Letter(s) Pronunciation
k [k]ick (no aspiration on the k)
kh [kh]aki
g [g]ood (no aspiration)
gh Aspirative g
ch [Ch]ina
chh Aspirated ch
j [J]im
jh Aspirated j, as in [J]ohn
T [t]in (no aspiration]
Th Aspirated T, as in [T]om
D [D]in (no aspiration)
Dh Aspirated D
N N [upper palate]
t Soft t. As in mexican tamale
th Aspirated t. As in [th]ink
d Soft d. As in the french d dame
dh Aspirated d
n n, dental
p Unaspirated p
ph Aspirated p
b Unaspirated
bh Aspirated.
m [m]ean
r r [dental]
s s. [Dental]
sh sh. [Mid Palate]
Sh sh. [Back Palate]
h Gutteral R

Other Sounds

Letter(s) Pronunciation
(n) nasal
ng As in Be[ng]ali
: Hard stop