Leave now, Lotus Kamal

Things go from bad to worse.

Apparently our feudal overlord got affronted that Shakib had the gumptions to not quietly acquiesce to Lotus’s umbrage and had the temerity to speak out.

How dare he.

And so this chhotolok makes Shakib apologize.

I wonder who really should have been apologizing?

Shame on now Loutus Kamal.

Leave now and save our cricket.

An image from the DailyKalerKantho that says it all:


Lotus Kamal's shame

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5 Responses to Leave now, Lotus Kamal

  1. Manush says:

    lotus Kamal= Idiot

  2. i_1_primeval_man says:

    I echo you boss,”Leave now, Lotus Kamal”

  3. Look at that Lotus Kamal, doesn’t he look like a lousy crook?

    We know Shakib because he earns runs for us. And that lousy *** Lotus Kamal is known because he earns money for himself.

    Now he abused his power to satisfy his own appetite of showing irrational rage to the people who he knows cannot stand against him. People of these tendencies are harmful for all organs of a structure.

    The next and immediate next single step to improvise Bangladeshi cricket should be dumping that *** Lotus Kamal to the nearest dustbin of BCB.

  4. kay says:

    lotus kamal er moto lok cricket dhubabe.

  5. kay says:

    london ashle sala kamal re heathrow te juta diya pitamu

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