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Prelude to Independence

[Students Breaking Section 144 in Feb 21, 1952]
Students Breaking Section 144. February 21 1952

The Birth of Bangladesh

A scholarly article by Tanweer Akram detailing out the historical basis for Bangladesh's independence.

A brief history of the Bangla Language Movement

An article by Mohammad Bari describing the events leading to the language movement.

Economic Exploitation

This article discusses the economic exploitation that Bangladesh suffered in its 23 year union with Pakistan.

The March Days

(Courtesy, Abu Hussain). This is a collection of events from the heady days of March 1971 leading to the the declaration of Independence on the 26th of March.

Independence: Facts and Figures

[Freedom Fighters]

Declaration of Independence

The story behind the declaration of Independence on March 26, 1971.

PM Tajuddin Ahmed's statement to the world, April 17, 1971.

On April 17, 1971, the then acting PM of Bangladesh made a statement to the world to support the Bangladesh cause for freedom.

The Bengali genocide

The hundreds of thousands who were killed by the marauding Pakistani army during the war. A statistical look.

Genocide Museum

Images of genocide.

Eyewitness Accounts

Various eye witness accounts from the liberation war.

US Congressional Records

Records from the US congress regarding Bangladesh during the war.

US State Department Archives

Archives that capture events before, drign and after the war.

International Press

Coverage by the international press


Rare news footages from the foreign press. Graphic content warning.

The Surrender Document

About the final surrender by the Pakistani Army to the combine allied forces of Bangladesh and India.

Includes pictures of the surrender ceremony and the actual Instrument of surrender.

Remembering a Liberation War

Twenty five years ago, India and Pakistan went to war over the issue of Bangladesh. Mukti Bahini guerillas and Indian soldiers swept past Pakistani defenses and forced the Pakistani Army to surrender within two weeks. On the western front, Indians and Pakistanis fought a series of even deadlier battles. This 1971 War web exhibition commemorates that war...

A long bibliography.

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Tri-partite Agreement

The tripartite agreement signed between the governments of Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for normalization of relationship.


A Nation Awakened: The Legacy of Jahanara Imam

An article by Jamal Hasan




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