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Virtual Bangladesh : The Magnificent Ilish [Hilsa] Fish


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Bangladesh is known as to her citizens as the Sonar Bangla, Golden Bengal, because of the richness of her land that takes on golden hue when the rice crop is ready for harvesting. Bangladesh is also known as the Land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, for the mangrove forests of Bangladesh plays host to some of the most magnificent specimens of the big cat.

But, to me, her most cherished treasure is the ilish, or the Hilsa Shad fish. Bangladeshis and Bengalis are noted for their love of fish, and God could not have rewarded them better than providing her waters with this most exquisitely delicious fish to titillate the palates of Bangladeshis.

I could wax poetic about the Ilish forever, but the tinges of hunger compels me to stop now. This page is going to be expanded with paeans to the delicious palate pleasure. For now, read up on the Story of the Hilsa, and feast your eyes on some graphics. The following article and pictures are courtesy of:

Mizanur Rahman, PhD


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