Virtual Bangladesh

Virtual Bangladesh: Pictures of Dhaka

The City

The Dhaka Skyline

The Sadarghat area of Dhaka fronting the river Buriganga

[Old Dhaka]
Dhaka at the turn of the century.

[New Market]
The New Market shopping center.

[Notre Dame College]
The Notre Dame College, a highschool in Dhaka.

[Katcha Bazar]
A produce bazaar (New Market).

The Streets

Rickshaws in Dhaka

[Busy street scene]
Busy street scene in old Dhaka.

Traffic Chaos
Traffic Chaos

The people

[Spice Seller]
A spice seller.

[Yarn seller]
A yarn seller in New Market.

Buildings and Monuments

[Lalbagh Fort]
The Moghul fort (lalbagh). 16th Century.

[Ahsan Manzil]
Ahsan Manzil. Once the home of the nabobs of Dhaka, now a museum.

[Dhaka Airport]
Zia International Airport.

[Dhaka Stadium]
The national stadium.

[Shaheed Minar]
The Shaheed Minar.

[National Parliament]
The national parliament.


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